Get the sum of all sprints of a calculated member

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I have created a calculated measure that includes all the sprints of a year, but I need to get all the number of sprints under this calculated member, when I try to get this number I get the issues created under the sprints, here is my formula:

Not iseampty([Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name)),

Could you please help me with this?

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Yes, you may create a calculations where you filter sprints by their start date, and then sum up (or calculated the average or another value) different metrics over those sprints. As an example, the following calculations retrieves all completed Story points:

    Descendants([Sprint].CurrentMember, [Sprint].[Sprint]),
    [Sprint].CurrentMember.GetDate('Start date'),
    ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed],

Those metrics should be created in Measures!
When you select TIme dimension Year level members in Rows or in Pages, sprint from the selected year would be retrieved.

You may want to check out a report from Demo account where values ar calculated based on sprints started in selected month:

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