Get total hours by "Tempo Account" dimension

We are looking at implementing EazyBI and one requirement is that we use Temp for logging time. And when time is logged we have a drop-down where the user selects if the hours are billable or not. This field is defined in tempo “work attributes” and is replicated into EazyBI as a dimension.

When reporting in EazyBI I need to display in two columns the Billable and Non-Billable hours. Finally the utilisation % (billable hours as a % of the total hours logged in the ticket).

Been looking at sum+filter MDX but not getting far.

Help on this would be much appreciated


Hi @chrisj,

eazyBI has integration with Tempo and you can import worklog attributes (like non-billable) in eazyBI as dimensions to analyze logged hours. Please see the documentation on how to import data from Tempo timesheets and worklog attributes: Tempo

For the utilization % calculation, you might want to create a new calculated measure in the Measures section. The calculation woudl consist of two tuples, one tuple getting the value of all worklogs marked with the attribute “billable” and the second getting value of all worklogs ignoring the attribute “billable”.

([Measures].[Hours spent],
[Tempo Billable].[Billable])
([Measures].[Hours spent],
[Tempo Billable].DefaultMember)

If you use an opposite attribute “non-billable”, then the expression might look like this:

([Measures].[Hours spent],
[Tempo Non Billable].[false])
([Measures].[Hours spent],
[Tempo Non Billable].DefaultMember)

Set measure formatting to percentage to see results ##%.

More details on tuples and measure formatting are described in the documentation:

Zane /