Get value from a particular cell


I’m trying to get a % number for how many stories was sent to rework by transition JIRA items from 1 status to another. I was able to identify those items and their count along with total count of items Done (Issues count resolved or similar doesn’t work and return empty , so another transition status is what is actual for me).

So basically I need to divide 2nd and 3rd rows on the first one. How do I do that?


Hi @Alisa_Petivotova,

Try defining a new calculated measure that divides the last two values with the first. You can define those values by forming tuples - the Transition dimension member and the Measure. See an example below for the first value:

([Transition].[Total Done],
[Measures].[Transitions to status issues count])

See our documentation page for more information on tuples -

Then you can use these tuples in the calculation of the percentage. Divide the sum of the last two values with the total.

Also, look at a talk from the eazyBI community days for more information on tuples -

Roberts //