getDocument/ postDocument authentication

I’m adding a source application of type REST API that needs authentication.
When I’m doing the data mapping some values are URLs that also needs authentication.

I want to map this values with the additional mapping using javascript.
My question is on how to pass the authentication to this requests?

  • Do I have some kind of parameter to send the authentication?
  • Does the authentication passes automatically based on the one configured on the source?
  • I’m able to use new XMLHttpRequest(); inside the data mapping javascript?

Pedro Felgueiras
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Hi @jpfelgueiras,

The REST API data source can only have the authentication of the source.
The further get and post requests from the JavaScript code are passed on with the original authentication of the REST data source for the same base URL.

The eazyBI uses basic JavaScript with library - underscore.js library usage.
The XMLHttpRequest(); is not available in the eazyBI JavaScript for the source applications.

You might read more about the REST API data adjustments here -Data adjustments using JavaScript.

Oskars /