Getting Epics into Row of a Gantt chart


I am new to eazyBI so it might be that my questions is pretty silly.
I would like to create a simple Gantt Chart for my epics follwowing the example from documentation.
I fail to get the epics into the row.
In the example “Issue” is moved to the rows and inside “All hierarchy Level members” “Epics” is selected to get the epics into the rows.
In my projecte I do not have the “Epic” option available.
How do I get this button?


Hi, @Pentti
Welcome to the eazyBI community!

To get the Issue dimension Epic hierarchy, you may want to import Jira Software field “Epic Link” into the account (as a property or a dimension): the epic hierarchy is built on imported epic links.
Read about field “Epic link” and the hierarchy based on that:

After you have imported that, you should be able to find and select Epic level from this hierarchy:

I hope you could get the Issue dimension Epic hierarchy in your account!