Getting linkedIssuesInQuery in eazyBI

Hi all,

I have the following JQL and imported the link already.
issuetype = Incendent AND project in (x, y) AND issue in linkedIssuesInQuery(“issuetype=Incendent and project in (a, b)”, relates)

Does anybody know how I can do that in eazyBI?

I appreciate your help!

Hi Thomas,

You are welcome to the eazyBI community!

The solution should be implemented in eazyBI with the following:

  1. Configure and import the issue link: Import issue links

The link configuration can limit the issue type for the linked issue and the link name, but it cannot specify the project for the linked issue.

  1. A custom measure is needed to check if the Incident from X,Y projects has link to an Incident it AB project.

I checked this solution with a similar configuration where I imported the Bugs linked to a Story:

name = "Bugs"
outward_link = "causes"
multiple_values = true
dimension = true

I created the following custom measure to count for each issue the Linked bugs from another project:

[Measures].[Issues created]>0
    [Issue].CurrentMember.Parent.Name="DEMO Beta"

My test report looked like this:

Janis, eazyBI support