Getting the number of issues created by an agent using EazyBI

We use Jira Service Desk in our environment to help a variety of service desks around the business perform their duties and use EazyBI for the reporting of those solutions. One question that seems hard to figure out for us but is requested a lot by the business is how do we get numbers on how many issues were created by individual team members.

Level one support members are often entering tickets and putting them in someone else’s queue or in a different team and leaving them unassigned. The only trace that they created it being in the history of the issue


But obviously, since management wants to have metrics on the number of issues created and make sure that everyone is doing their fair share of entering every call they get in the system, that leaves us with the issue that we can’t track on assignees for that metric. I tried using the transition author and getting the " => waiting for support" transition, but it only seems to show the issues in which they were the reporter. Issues that they created with the customer as the reporter shows the reporter as the transition author.

I’ve looked at a lot of ways to spin this, but short of creating a hidden custom field and some rules on ticket creation to imprint the user name in that field and reporting on that, I’m coming up short. How would you manage to track the amount of tickets created by a single user if that user was neither the reporter nor the assignee?


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Hi @N_Boivin

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Have you tried using the default Reporter dimension together with measure Issues created? This is the dimension dedicated to analyzing issues by the persons who have created them.

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Hi Ilze,

Reporter is not the solution because the agent can raise request on behalf of somebody else.

We need also a report that shows us:

  • how many issues are created by agents (JSD Portal)
  • how many issues are created by customers (JSD Portal)
  • how many issues are created by customers (via Email)

At the moment we can only do this with the request channel. But we can´t differentiate between agents and customers.
Maybe this can be solved with the transition author group but I don´t know how to calculate such a measure:
“issues created by = jira-service-desk-agent and = portal”



i notice this topic didn’t get a soluition.
but i’m gettin the same question of my management.
neither reporter nor channel offer a solution here.
It can be derived from group / role membership of the CREATOR, yet the value doesn’t seem to be included in the imports.