Getting time spent in rework during a sprint

I tried to work on getting rework data, I can get correct rework if i try to get it by person and use time as a page filter using the below shown measure

But I need the data by sprint rather than selecting the days manually, any help on the same is much appriciated

([Measures].[Time Spent In Current Cycle Rework]+
([Measures].[Hours spent],
[Transition status].[Reopened]
)/[Measures].[Hours spent])

Hi @Chinmay

You can use the Sprint dimension in Pages as a filter, and the Hours spent measure and your chosen Transition Status will follow the context set by the filter accordingly, there should be no problem with that.

I’m not sure how would the “Time Spent In Current Cycle Rework” measure respond to the set context as that seems like your defined measure with a custom formula.

You can export and send us your report definition to so we can take a closer look at what could be improved in the calculation.

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support