Getting Views of All Stories Associated to Epics

I am trying to get a view in eazyBI where I can get a list of all stories created under an Epic. I currently have a column labeled Sub-tasks created and Sub-tasks issue link which gets the default number of sub-tasks and JIRA issue number for each sub-task under a given Epic. I would like to mimic that feature for the stories but am finding difficulty doing so. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

This is the code I am using for the sub task issue keys. I am essentially trying to replicate this issue key code for Stories

– Sub-task keys property stores max 255 charters
IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Sub-task keys’))
– generate all sub-task keys list from Sub-task hierarchy
[Issue.Sub-task].CurrentMember.getString(‘KEY’), ‘,’)

Hi @lp123,

You can get a list of all issues in Epic using a similar approach. The difference is that Epic does not have a property that contains all issue keys of stories in epic, but Stories has a reference to an epic.

First, make sure you have imported epics in eazyBI so you could use Epic hierarchy for a calculation and report (

Define a new calculated measure in Measures to look for issue keys under each epic in Epic hierarchy. The formula might look like this:

CASE WHEN --only for epics
  NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Epic Name])
    --get all issues under epic
    --list issue keys separated by comma

Note this calculation works if you have an Issue dimension with selected Epic hierarchy on rows.

An alternative solution if you have Epic Link dimension in the report, not the Issue dimension. Then the formula for calculation might look like this:

CASE WHEN --only for epic level
  [Epic Link].CurrentMember.Level IS [Epic Link].[Epic]
    --find an epic in Issue dimension and get all issues under epic
      [Epic Link].CurrentMember.Key).Children,
    --list issue keys separated by comma

Zane /