Graph with "max limit" hardcoded

Hi all,

I currently have the following graph, show the number of issue per “partner”.

For each partner, I must display a “max limit”, ie. a maximum number of tickets allowed per partner.
The max-limit is not in JIRA, so I wish to “hardcode” it somewhere in the graph.
By example, for the first partner “” I wish to have a limit of 20, for “” a limit of 10, etc.

It will looks like a table like this:
{“”, 20}, {“”, 10}, …

And I wish to display the limit as a background bar (but larger and with a specific color) to show the max limit. Like this:

The max-limit is a background bar, the blue one.

Do you think it is possible to do this ?


I have been able to define the set of static values as a custom measure, like this:

The problem is that I have one reported per status, I wish to have one for all the status.

If you look at the graph, I have the following legend:

But I only need one, for all the status.

Any idea ?

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Hi @cdemez,

You did a great job in defining the hard-coded limits based on partner name.

Since you only use two measures in the report - Issues due split by status and Partner limit that should not split, you might drill only the “Issues due” by the Status dimension.
You might read more about that here - Drill into measure by another dimension level.

You might switch to the table view, then remove the status dimension from the report columns.
After that, select only the “Issues due” measure caption on the table top row and drill into the Status dimension. That will split the Issues due into Statuses and retain the “WIPLimitByPartner” once. Then you might switch back to the bar chart and apply stack settings as required.

Oskars /