Group a measure by common values


I’m trying to create a graph of storypoints estimated vs number of workdays in development. I’ve imported storypoints as a custom dimension (as image) so for each issue can see the storypoints and number of days.

What I would like to see is unique values of storypoints across the X axis (1, 2, 3, 5, 8). Up the Y axis I would like to show scatter points of all the issues which have the given number of storypoints associated with them

How can I group the storypoints on the X axis so that I remove duplicates and show multiple issues for each storypoint value?


Hi @hannah,

I see you are using the Issue story points property which displays the story points only on issue level. Instead, please select the Story points dimension (1) on rows and Issues created or Issues resolved measure (2) on columns to see the total count of issues per each Story point group:

I added the Average resolution workdays on separate axes (3) to not mix it with the issue count measure on the default Y-axis.

Lauma /