Group by and filter by the same dimension

Looked and looked, but couldn’t find an answer to this seemingly common use case:

Hey Ankur… I’d like your thoughts on an eazyBI issue.

Our reporting chains are scrambled across horizontal teams with folks 60% allocated to team X and 20% allocated to team Y, etc. I’d like to show a particular manager a view of: “Here’s all the work your directs are working on across all the teams they are attached to, and how much time that is taking.”

The table would essentially show group bys like this:
John Smith
Team Apple
Epic A:
2 points
Epic B:
2 points
Team Banana
Epic C:
9 points

Mary Martin:
Team Apple
Epic B:
4 points
Epic C:
2 points
Team Carrot
Epic X:
1 point
Epic Y:
4 points

So my thinking is, in order:
Pages: Only our project, and this sprint and last (not too hard)

  • Assignee (calc member for listing manager’s direct reports only)
  • Team (show me the various teams the assignee’s work is coming from)
  • Issue, all issues by epics (roll it up to the types of work)
  • Issues Created (How many things)
  • Story Points (How much effort for those types of work, in those teams)

The idea is a picture of: “Hey I thought David was supposed to be 80% this team, but it seems like he is spending a ton of time on Ankur’s stuff instead… we should talk about that”

Problem: It keeps crashing the query because pulling in too much data is timing out the report. I am not sure how to make Assignee both a Page that reduces the query and a Row that I can group by on


Starting from eazyBI 4.6.0 it would be possible to use same dimension in pages and in rows/colums.

Please find more infomation on our documentation page:

You could try this feature in your report

Martins / eazyBI support