Group Epics by their Initiative for Roadmapping

I’d like to build stacked roadmaps of epics, based on the initiatives they are linked to. For example:
Initiative 1:
Epic 1 Start to End
Epic 2 Start to End
Epic 3 Start to End
Initiative 2:
Epic 1 Start to End
Epic 2 Start to End… and so forth.

We are utilizing a Portfolio dimension of “Parent Link” to link epics to initiatives. I am able to group them by Parent-Link, but am only able to see the key of the Initiatives, and not the Summary associated with the key.

I would like to display the Summary of the initiative associated with the Parent Link as the first grouped dimension, and then the epics related to that initiative as a roadmap. I just need to understand the query to pull the Summary of the Parent Link associated with the epics being grouped.



It seems you are using eazyBI integration with Jira Portfolio. Then there should be automatically imported a set of Portfolio related dimensions in eazyBI: “Parent link” as well as dimensions related to each level.

“Parent link” dimension, indeed, contains only parent keys. Instead of this dimension, you may use “Portfolio Initiative” dimension in the report rows, it should group epics by initiatives, and initiatives contain summaries.


I have Jira premium with Advanced Roadmap. Don’t see the “Parent link”. Could you please help me?

I was missing the advanced settings to enable Advanced Roadmap. All good.

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