Group initiatives by component, and show percentage complete!

I am trying to display the following in a table:

  1. Open initiatives for the whole project
  2. Initiatives grouped by components
  3. Percentage of epics completed per initiative

My approach so far:

  • Pull in all epics into Rows, select Issues, All Issues by Initiative (which groups epics into the parent linked initiative)
  • Set the first Row to be Component
  • A calculated member for the measure to be issues closed/issues created

The issue with this approach is I tend to get duplicate records for initiatives that contain epics that serve a couple of components.

As an example - If the Initiative has 2 epics for the Apple component, and 3 for the Banana component, I see the initiative in both the Apple and Banana grouping, with 2 and 3 epics for each piece. I want to see the component grouping based on the initiatives themselves, not the epics.

However, if I pull in only the initiative issue type to the report, I lose the ability to do issues closed/issues created, and cannot get percentage completed.

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Hi David!

I am sorry this thread has gone unanswered so long!

I imagine the best approach here would be to calculate the values by using tuples. First you could create a calculated measure that shows 1 for each open Initiative (named Open Features in the screenshot below)

( [Measures].[Issues due], 
  [Issue Type].[Initiative] )

Then you could add the filter for this measure to be greater than 0 and further you can remove the column, it is no longer necessary - the filter will remain.
As next step you can add the calculation of Closed Epics divided with Created as follows

  [Measures].[Issues created], 
  [Issue Type].[Initiative]) > 0  
  [Measures].[Issues resolved], 
  [Issue Type].[Epic],
  [Measures].[Issues created], 
  [Issue Type].[Epic],

Here is an example of such a report (I used Features and Stories instead)

Lauma /