Group issues by parent custom field value


In Jira we have a “Initiative” → “Epics” → “Bug” | “Story” → “Subtask” hierarchy across multiple projects. We have a custom component on all views called “Work Category” where we have a single select custom field “Small Change, Sustainability, Big Ticket, Experiments” etc they are used to gather insights into where teams spend most of their effort.

I have imported the custom field Work Category into eazybi and can see it as a dimension however not all tickets have a value selected. In this case I want to inherit the value from the parent instead. How can I achieve this?


if “Work Category” is empty
then “Work Category” = parent[“Work Category”]

Yes, you are correct. eazyBI by default allows analyzing data if the issues themselves have specific field values. We support extending this and inheriting values from a specific level of the hierarchy during import as well. However, the solution will set the parent’s values on children no matter if a child has a value in the field or not.

You can consider using some scripted fields in Jira with more extended and complicated rules to inherit values from parent issues.

In eazyBI you can use some MDX formulas. The simplest option would be asking for parent field value if the issue does not have one on the report with a list of issues in within a specific hierarchy:
[Issue.].CurrentMember.get(‘Work Category’),
[Issue.].CurrentMember.Parent.Get(‘Work Category’)

You would like to set your hierarchy name instead of in the formula and check the spelling (case sensitive) for Work Category.

The formula above will have limited use and it will work for a report with this Issue hierarchy used in the report and will pick the parent issue in this hierarchy if the field does not have the value.

Daina /

Hi @daina.tupule ,

I am trying to solve similar issue but not sure why it is not working.
I have value for Epics, and I want to have the same values for Stories as well. My query looks like this:

[Issue Type].CurrentMember.get('Target Qtr'),
[Issue Type].CurrentMember.Parent.Get('Target Qtr')

But I got empty values instead. Can you please hint to the problem, please?

Thank you in advance!