Group Issues by Story Points

We estimate based on Story Points, but our user community would like this represented in Tshirt size. Bassically, I just need to provide counts for issues within a range of story points
“”-0 Unsized
1-3 Small
4-8 Medium
9-15 Large

15 XL

I don’t need a whole dimension, I just need to group for reporting counts. Is there an easy way to do this? And what is a good measure for story points for in progress tickets? (Most story point measures are for resolved and closed or Sprint related. I just need the issues story points.

Sample report:
Issues Created Not Sized S M L XL
May 2023 100 25 30 25 15 5

Hi @EdP,

I would not recommend creating any calculations for grouping issues by their Story Point range. That would be resourceful calculation, performance-wise and maintenance-wise.

The best approach is to import Story Points as an interval dimension. Now you can do this in import options without disturbing the Jira administrator or eazyBI admin.

  1. Go to Source Data and edit Jira import options.

  2. In the General tab, choose to edit Advanced settings for the field “Stroy Points”.

  3. Mark the option “Dimension” and provide the interval in the “Additional advanced settings”. Save changes.

  4. Select the field “Story Points” for data import as a dimension and import data.

More details on custom field import options are described in the documentation: Custom field import options.

Zane /