Group Issuetypes with a specific project


I am currently sitting on a planning view for future releases. In order to transfer it to our business KPI, I have grouped different issue types together as Calculated Members.

Now I have the problem that a certain Issuetype should count into different KPI’s depending on the Project. Unfortunately I somehow can’t get it to work as I’d like to.

Those are my issuetypes for “FEATURES”

[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Story],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Improvement],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Change Request],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Epic],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[New Feature],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Sub-Bug],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Sub-Task],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[AQA]

Those are the ones for Support

[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Tech Support],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Code Freeze Violation],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Change Request],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Incident],
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].[Hotfix] 

And somehow I have to make it work that “Change Request” in Feature is not in Project “Customer Success” .
For Support “Change Request” is only in Project “Customer Success”.

I’ve also tried already to add it into the measures - but somehow I don’t get it to say “NOT IN” Project “Customer Success”

May you could help my out of my struggle of how I have to add that info into the calculated member formula and/or measures?

Many thanks in advance for your help

Hi @Manu_No ,
If you have a Project dimension in your report, you can use CASE WHEN to return results based on your Project name.
One of the options is this where you return tuples with your measure, project and aggregated member from Issue type dimension:

CASE [Project].CurrentMember.Name 
WHEN "Demo"
  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Issue Type].[Demo project issue type]))
  val(([Project].[DEMO Alfa],
  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Issue Type].[Alfa project issue types]))

Gerda //

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