Group parent data according to children sprint and story points

Hello !

I need some little nudge to achieve a report.
This a project using a custom parent issue type (Feature, instead of Epic) so I activated Advanced Roadmaps hierarchies.

I’m trying to get distribution of Story points closed (on children of Feature) by “allocation” (a field on Feature) and filterable by PI (an aggregate of Sprints of issues).
I would like get it with a pie chart with each slice is an allocation with amount of Story points closed.

What I have for now is the list of Features, with Story points closed and allocation, and filtered by PI

So I’m trying to “aggregate” all this Features to have something like
Mobile | XXX story points
IoT | XXX story points

But if set allocation dimension as a Row, I don’t have the Features anymore…

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If the allocation is used at a higher (Feature) level and the issue count must be done at a lower level, the allocation should be inherited down from the feature to the stories. That is possible if Allocation is a single-value custom field.

This community post explains how to do that with a Javascript-calculated custom field in eazyBI: How to filter Portfolio hierarchy splitting by custom filed values - #2 by janis.plume.

Note that the configuration needs to precisely specify the hierarchy level ID, from which the value shall be updated. In your case, that is jpoh_parent_2.

This configuration will create a new dimension, and your report should give the pie chart by using this new dimension.

Janis, eazyBI support