Group the projects and assign a manager name and use the name as a dimension (Pages) to filter

I have imported Projects to create reports. what I want to do now is, I have a group of projects with managers assigned but not in Jira. I would like group those projects and assign managers name and use that manager name as a filter to filter out those Projects.
For eg: I have Projects A1, A2, A3 which are managed by Manager “A”, Projects B1, B2, B3, B4 managed by Manager “B” and so on.
I would like to have a dimension that I can add in Pages which has the list of manager names that I assign in grouping like from above example Manager A,B and so on…
Any help is appreciated…!!

Hi @Jenny1,

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If you maintain the manager-project relationship outside Jira, you might import that data as additional data import from an external source - SQL/REST API/data file.
You might map the relevant Manager against the Project dimension Project level.
Please read more about external data import into issues cube here - Additional data import into Jira Issues cube.

Then, you might use the newly imported property to create a custom hierarchy within the Project dimension.
Please read more about custom hierarchies here - Custom hierarchies.

That would create a custom hierarchy with two levels - “Project Manager” and “Project”, and you might use them in the Page filter.

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