Grouping epics per summary

I’m using EasyBi mostly for measuring time spent while importing the Tempo data.
In my company, we are managing projects with the same structure of 6 epics.
In the summary of the epic, you will find the “Milestone” name.
Each project has the same 6 milestones, which are presented in those 6 epics.
I want to measure time spent by milestone, choosing each time what is the milestone and see the time spent between the different projects based on the epic name.
Is there a way I can create this dropdown: Milestone A, Milestone B… which represented in the epic summaries?
And compare it between the different projects?

Hi @Nadav

You can define a new dimension in the Advanced settings and use custom Javascript code to search through Milestone names in the Issue summaries and these values with lower-level issues of the Epics by updating them from the “epic_key”: JavaScript calculated custom fields

Check out this example of Javascript code to search through the summary:

And this Javascript on how to search for several given String values:

Let me know if you need assistance along the way!

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support