Hardcoding A Column of Static Values for a Report

Good morning. I’m looking for assistance with this problem. My ultimate objective is to create a Gauge chart that references how many contents, multiple teams in my organization, currently have in regards to how many we want each team to have by a specified date.

This issue is the second number (Contents By X Date) is not in a report I can use with Jira/EasyBI so I’m looking to hardcode that data into a measure. However, this number is different for each team.

I know I can hardcode a single value for a calculated measure, but is there a way to create a column measure that has multiple hardcoded values? Would this require a CASE statement that references the team cell that would be on a specific row?


You can use the CASE statement and refer to the Team name if the Team dimension is used in the report:

CASE [Team].CurrentMember.Name
WHEN 'Alfa' THEN 5
WHEN '(none)' THEN 0

My report now looks the following:

Janis, eazyBI support