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I’d like to put in a feature request. Right now, in a dashboard, when a value is selected in a filter, it just says what that value is. So if the filter is “Project”, and they select “Continents”, all it says is “Continents”.
There should be an option to freeze the title of the filter – so it would say Project in bold and then what they selected next to it.
For example: Project Continents
instead of it just saying Continents.

I have feedback from our eazybi dashboard viewers that it’s not very intuitive or user friendly that the filter is for Projects, because all it says is what it’s currently filtered to, Continents.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hi, @dani

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I hear you on this one! Thank you for the idea! That could be a helpful improvement for other users as well. I added it to our backlog for further consideration. I will keep you posted if anything new regarding this appears.

Ilze support@eazybi.com

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