Heatmap for issues by Component

Via eazyBI community articles and responses I’ve worked out how to do heatmaps and also import the Jira Components field into eazyBi as an issue property.

What I’m now struggling with is the how to group/sum Component values together. What I want to show is number of issues created per month by Component area. This view would help me understand potential problem areas that need attention, for example … last month 30% of issues were raised on Component ABC.

I can show Components when I have “Issue” as a row (i.e. Components for each issue), but when I put time into the row then Components blank out.

I think this is more of an approach to data analytics but your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Mark

Hi @MarkWheeler

It seems you had selected an issue property with issue components; properties show values only if issues are selected. Therefore, issues properties are not meant for grouping values or getting totals. You can easily distinguish properties as they usually start with "Issue … " (in a singular form).

You may want to select Project dimension Components level members in the report columns, and then add the same Projects dimension in Pages to filter components only from a particular dimension.
Add measureIssues created” in the report columns as well (or any other measure you need to represent in the report).
Then you can use any other dimension in rows - Time dimension Months in your case.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

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