Height of Diagrams in Dashboard (for CFD)

Dear all,

is there a way to for example double the height of Diagrams in Dashboards?
The width can be changed with the 25%, 33%, 50% etc. buttons.
There is the problem that in a CFD with a lot of closed issues you cannot really use it anymore.
Maybe it is possible with eazyBi 5? (as we are on 4 at the moment).

In the analysis mode you can enter a min value, which kind of helps but this is not changeable in the Dashboard view.


Here two imgs to illustrate the problem:

I think there is not much that could be done, but maybe you have some ideas.

Here for example you almost do not see anything anymore:

To filter out resolved issues also does not help, as they are then entirely filtered out, also their history, when they have not yet been resolved.

BR, Markus

Hi @markusd

Thank you for the idea! That would definitely be a helpful improvement and we already have heard a need for the custom report hight on the dashboard. I added it to our backlog for further considering as we plan to improve dashboard options.

Min value is the solution I would recommend. Another, a bit different approach, would be setting Closed/ Done issues on a separate axis and represent them not as area but, for instance, only values.

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

Hello Ilze,

thank you very much for your reply that is very helpful and good to know.
One small additional question, as this also sounds good:
How can I achieve that?:

Maybe you could explain that via this demo chart?

That would be awesomely helpful.
Thank you very much.

Best regards,