Help creating report showing issues in specfic status and empty custom fields

Hello I am looking for help in creating a report to show tickets that need attention, being;

  • Tickets that are open (not Closed)
  • Tickets that are in Unverified, Triage or Validation statuses
  • Tickets that are not in the above statuses, but have missing content that includes;
    Priority is Empty/None
    Fix Version is Empty
    Affected Version is Empty
    – Custom field (X) is Empty
    – Custom field (Rate) is empty
    – Custom field (Nfeed) is empty
    – Custom field (Y)


The initial part of creating such report is to use the “empty” values of the dimensions from the page filters:

The same approach should work for filtering out the issues by any custom field, which is imported as a dimension. Issues with empty values should show under the “(none)” member:

Note that I used the Issues due measure, which is one of several possible solutions for counting the open issues.

If your custom fields are not imported as dimensions but as measures and properties, you most probably will need a custom calculation for the count of issues with the empty values. For instance, if I import my “Numeric field” as a property, the count of open issues with the empty field is the following:

    IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Numeric field])
    AND [Measures].[Issues due]>0

You can extend that formula with more conditions on other fields to check if those are empty.

Janis, eazyBI syupport