HELP ! - How to count the number of stories based on Fix Version ( sounds easy but not ) :)?

My scenario: I need to find Team-wise, the count of user stories that DO NOT HAVE a FIX VERSION and also, the count of stories that do not have proper fixed version date format.

For example, our format’s valid fix version is 2022-11-10 (YYYY-MM-DD). But if there is a story with fix version as 2022-11(YYYY-MM), then count this story into the list. How do we achieve this?

For th first count, you can try suing the “no version” member from the Fix version and select the measure "issues created.

[Measures].[Issues created],
[Fix Version].[Version].[(no version)]

It is not the same for the second counter. In this case you would need a custom calculation using regular expressions (to check the version names against the special combination of characters (number-number-number).

But then how would you handle the case if the issue has multiple fix versions and just one of them is in the wrong format? Note that Fix version is a multi-value field in Jira and one issue can have multiple fix versions.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks, Martin for checking my question. You are right, when there are multiple values it is difficult. But can you give me the calculated measure for checking the date format? Also is it possible to have a calculated measure for the Released only fix version? The problem with my project is, I handle multiple projects, and going into each project value and then selecting released is a bit annoying ( if available in calc measure, then it will automatically pull). Any help?

NOte that “Fix version” and “Affects version” are both multi-value fields.
How should the calculation behave if one story has 1 wrong-format release and 1 right-format release?
Technically that can be possible in your project. How would you handle these cases in report?

Martins / eazyBI

99% of time, we have only 1 release date in either of these fields. Even if it has multiple dates like you mentioned right and wrong in it, I am still okay if our calc miss that record. But I am sure in my experience my project has only one date in these fields.

Try creating new calcualted measure using this formula:

[Measures].[Issues created count]
  [Fix Version].[Version].Members,
  Len([Fix Version] = 10
  Len([Fix Version] - Len(Replace([Fix Version], '-', '')) = 2
[Measures].[Issues created count]

The first part counts all issues created, the second part subtracts issues with valid versions (having 10 characters long name and having 2 lines in version name)


Thanks Martin, that worked ! :slight_smile: