Help | How to retrieve priority of comma separated values using eazybi


I want to separate out values from the Project Requirement ID column & then show the priority of each project requirement id using issue priority column. Please see below the screenshot for reference.

Appreciate your help here.

Hi @ashishthakur,

If you would like to group data and issues by Project Requirements, then set the dimension “Project Requirement ID” on the report rows. Add measures “Issues created” on columns to see only relevant issue and Project Requirement ID combinations.

On the other hand, you can create a calculated measure (in Measures) to find objects in a comma-separate list and retrieve each item and its properties. Note that you can retrieve the priority of Project Requirement ID only if this information is already available in eazyBI!
For this calculated measure, you might want to use functions Generate(), GetMembersByKeys(). See some examples of how to get attributes of linked issues. The structure for calculation might look like this, if the data are avaialbel.

  -- find linked requirements listed for issue field
  [Linked Requiement Issue].[Linked Requiement Issue].GetMembersByKeys(
    [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Linked Requiement Issue')
  -- show linked requirement issue priority
    [Linked Requiement Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Priority ID')),
  --separate values by comma 
  "," --or can use chr(10) for new line

More details on calculated measures and mentioned function are described in the documentation: Calculated measures and members.

In this training account is example how to generate list of properties for the linked issues:
Stories by Epics with linked Bugs - Issues - eazyBI Demo Training - eazyBI.

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Thank You @zane.baranovska . I will try this out.