HELP!- How to Sum up the values in a Custom Field from Jira in eazyBI?

In my project, we are using QTEST as a test management tool that is integrated with Jira. I have a python script that runs and find how many test cases are in QTEST for each user story in Jira. Using this Python, I am updating the no of test cases to one of these custom fields in Jira under each user story. Custom Field name is “Generic Single Select1”. Its a list of drop-down values from 0-25.

Story1 | GenericSingle Select1= 10 | IT TEAM=‘A’
Story2 | GenericSingle Select1= 5 | IT TEAM=‘B’
Story3 | GenericSingle Select1= 6 | IT TEAM=‘B’
Story4 | GenericSingle Select1= 6 | IT TEAM=‘A’

A 16
B 11

All I am trying to achieve is somehow sum up this Generic Single Select1 field value and bring it against the IT TEAM so that, I get the total test cases each team has written. Tried to give an idea using above structure and given screenshot. How to achieve this?



The following thread shows the example of how to import the single select custom field with numeric values as a new measure:

The use of measure should work for your report.

Janis, eazyBI support