Help me! import error - add ons tempo

I am trying to import the data and the system is returning the error from the log that is attached. This error started after I activated the Tempo add-ons on my cubes.

ActiveRecord::JDBCError: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs: ALTER TABLE eazybi_production_dwh_20499.jira_issues ADD customfield_10231 int(11), ADD customfield_10231_state varchar(255), ADD customfield_10231_breached varchar(255), ADD customfield_10231_due_date datetime, ADD customfield_10231_issue text, ADD customfield_10231_elapsed_hours text, ADD customfield_10228 int(11), ADD customfield_10228_state varchar(255), ADD customfield_10228_breached varchar(255), ADD customfield_10228_due_date datetime, ADD customfield_10228_issue text, ADD customfield_10228_elapsed_hours text, ADD customfield_10232 int(11), ADD customfield_10232_state varchar(255), ADD customfield_10232_breached varchar(255), ADD customfield_10232_due_date datetime, ADD customfield_10232_issue text, ADD customfield_10232_elapsed_hours text, ADD customfield_10229 int(11), ADD customfield_10229_state varchar(255), ADD customfield_10229_breached varchar(255), ADD customfield_10229_due_date datetime, ADD customfield_10229_issue text, ADD customfield_10229_elapsed_hours text, ADD customfield_10233 int(11), ADD customfield_10233_state varchar(255), ADD customfield_10233_breached varchar(255), ADD customfield_10233_due_date datetime, ADD customfield_10233_issue text, ADD customfield_10233_elapsed_hours text, ADD customfield_10230 int(11), ADD customfield_10230_state varchar(255), ADD customfield_10230_breached varchar(255), ADD customfield_10230_due_date datetime, ADD customfield_10230_issue text, ADD customfield_10230_elapsed_hours text, ADD customfield_10093 varchar(255)

From the error message, it seems you have tried to import all (or almost all) available custom fields. We recommend importing only those custom fields which are essential to your reporting needs, otherwise, in addition to the database limits, the reporting would get too complex: by importing custom fields, a lot of custom field measures/properties, as well as new dimensions, are created, read here.

Although, I can’t give you a precise number of how many custom fields could be imported into one account, as the database size and number of imported custom fields are not related linearly.

My suggestion is to go back to the import setting screen and select only those custom fields you need for data analyzing and then manually run the import.
You might want to create another eazyBI account and import one part of custom fields in one account, and the rest in another.

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