Help ! Need the count of Production Defects logged 7 days after a FixVersion date and before the next release date

Hi- I am trying to find the defect pattern or to analyze the count of defects created (Defect Detected in = Production) after a release date. This help me to know after a release, immediately in the next 5 days how many defects were logged and after these 5 days and before the next release date how many were logged. This pattern for 24 releases happened in a year data will help me understand if a release is causing defect leakage or something else. Can you help me create this report pls?

Hi @subintraj

I would suggest taking a look at the demo report “Versions on timeline” where, on the timeline, you would see the number of resolved issues by time periods and vertical lines that identify version releases: Versions on Timeline - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

You may use the measure “Issues created” instead of “Issues resolved”, and weeks instead of months.