Help to get the average per row

Hello community, good morning.

Please, I request your support so that you can guide me to be able to generate the average per row. I leave you some examples of how my need is. I found some answers from other people who requested something similar, but it seems to me that it is not the same as what I need.

I thank you in advance for your support. Greetings.

Hi @AlanTellez,

The standard calculation for the average calculates the average value across values on report rows (see the documentation Add standard calculations based on a selected measure ).

Another option to get an average value is dividing. You might want to create a new calculated measure and write a formula to get the % Cobertura amount and divide it with the issues count with this value.
More details on calculated measures described in the documentation: Calculated measures

Consider one of the expressions mentioned below

  1. In case “% Cobertura” is a custom field from Jira, you can use a hidden measure showing the issue count, which has value for the custom field.
    Please see the documentation on custom field import and what measures are created for each custom field: Totals of custom number fields.

    [Measures].[% Cobertura created] /
    [Measures].[Issues with % Cobertura created]
  1. Or a simpler option that would divide by count of all created issues
    [Measures].[% Cobertura created] / 
    [Measures].[Issues created count]

Zane /

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Hi Zane, thanks for the support.

I already managed to solve it using the following formula (for what I need it for, it worked for me).

CASE WHEN [Measures].[% Cobertura created] = 0 THEN 0
WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[% Cobertura created]) THEN
[Measures].[% Cobertura created] /
[Measures].[Issues created count].[Mes].DefaultMember)

Thank you very much community.

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