HELP URGENT ! Age Interval - How to avoid weekends from its calculation of ageing?

I have a request from the team asking to prepare defect aging greater than 60 days. When I pulled the report using Age Interval I could see, its calculating the age including weekends. Later, I found a post saying, under the settings, remove or uncheck Sat and Sunday option and keep checked only on weekdays so that it calculates the right way. But even after updating the above setting( new data got imported), still I am seeing weekends being included in the calculation.

Can someone help in this situation? or provide a solution, please?

Hi @subintraj
Yes, the JavaScript calculated member won’t take into account the weekend defined in eazyBI import options.
For the solution you are seeking, you can check a similar question here:

If you are willing to create your own JavaScript custom field, you may find useful this article on how to add a custom function that you can use in your JavaScript code (to be able to calculate WorkHours) and then use that to create your own “Custom age interval”.

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