Help with a Calculated Measure

Hi - Hoping someone can help. I’m trying to create a calculated measure, but it is returning a result of “Infinity”. I’m new, so apologies if this is a daft question:

In Jira, I have a custom field in a jira project - “Number of clients” (Numeric value).

In Eazybi, I imported “Number of clients” as a measure (and a property), then created a pie chart with a calculated measure like this:

[Measures].[Hours spent] /
[Measures].[Number of Clients]

But no pie chart appears, and if I switch to table view, the results say “Infinity”.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MikeScott

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

There are three things that might cause the infinity in the result.

  1. When you import a numerical field in eazyBI, a set of measures is created. You should have measures like “Number of Clients created” (total number of clients from all created issues), “Number of Clients resolved” (total number of clients from all resolved issues), and a few more, read here: Jira custom fields.
    In the calculation formula, use one of those measures!

  2. Whenever you divide, ensure that you are not dividing with zero, which leads to the infinity. To do that, we suggest using CASE WHEN construction:

  [Measures].[Number of Clients resolved]>0
  [Measures].[Hours spent] /
  [Measures].[Number of Clients resolved]

Please use the measure you need instead of “Number of Clients resolved”!

  1. Each measure relates to the Time dimension (if used in the report) by a different date: “Hours spent” retrieves logged hours by the worklog start date, while “Number of Clients created” will count the number of clients by the issue created date or “Number of Clients resolved” - by the issue resolution date. Take it to consideration if you use Time dimension in the report, and use matching measures (for instance, “Hours spent resolved” and "Number of Clients resolved), see time tracking measures.