Help with Actual Hours Spent


I created a simple report that has Issue set as Pages and Rows and in columns I display Hours Spent.

So I have something like this

Story A 25 hours
Sub-Task 1 10 hours
Sub-Taks 2 10 hours

The problem here is that at the story level i have 25 hours which is the sum of sub-task and actual time being logged at the story level.

I would like to display at the story level the actual time (5 hours)

How can I achieve that?


eazyBI automatically sums up data in a hierarchy. Therefore, measure Hours spent for Story in sub-task hierarchy will work similarly like Hours spent with sub-tasks.

If you would like to see hours spent per each issue without summing it up, you can define a new measure using a tuple with issue type of the issue:

([Measures].[Hours spent],
[Issue Type].[Issue type].GetmemberByKey(
  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get("Issue type ID")

Here is how it looks in the report:


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