Help with calculated measure based on JQL


How can I create a calculated measure based on this query:

(reporter in (reporter1, reporter2, reporter3) OR assignee in (assignee1, assignee2, assignee3))

Hi @guinevere,

A query considering both dimensions with OR, suggests that eazyBI has to iterate through individual issues and consider both options for each issue. My colleague Zane discussed translating JQL into MDX in his eazyBI community days presentation - Training videos on specific topics.

In your case, the calculated measure formula could look similar to the one below:

    CoalesceEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Assignee name'),'') MATCHES '(alinda|admin|dsnow)'
    CoalesceEmpty([Issue].CurrentMember.Get('Reporter name'),'') MATCHES '(alinda|admin|dsnow)'
  [Measures].[Issues created]

Replace the values '(alinda|admin|dsnow)' with your user keys. Please look at our documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures - ​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //

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