Help with calculated member on Measure

Hi there,

i’m quite new to eazyBI and Jira… So i apologize if this question is quite obivous…

I have imported some agile Jira Projects with Sprints, Storypoints and several Projects.
Now we have a custom text field, which contains (not too many) different entries, but needs to be a free text field, so new entries can be added.
The amount of these different entries is what we need to count --> basicly aggregated on Project (or any dimension) level

Example: Field “Letter” is available in 10 different issues from Project “start” and contains:

now i would like to count these diferences and get the result of 3 (A,B,C) for project “start”

–> Since custom text fields can only imported as measures and not as dimensions, i dont realy know how the achieve this…

hopefully somebody understands what i’d like to achieve…

Thank you

I’m not sure I fully understand your scenario, but you can definitely import custom text fields as dimensions (though there is a potential performance hit, in the text fields have a lot of values). You’ll need to add information to the advanced settings. It’s described here:

The value you need to set for the custom field is:
dimension = true

Then you’ll get the checkbox to import it as a dimension.

I hope this helps.


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Oh, wow… Thank you. This is a simple solution and is quite good to work with =)

One further question due to this:

I am not able to expand the new hierarchy

(by click on + nothing happens)

Gap#Count =
  Filter (Descendants ([Gap No.].[Gap No.].Members),
  [Measures].[Issues created] > 0 and
  [Gap No.].CurrentMember.Name <> '(none)'

Anyhow, i can search and bookmark values.
I am also able to define new calculated Measures with the new dimension…

So: why wouldnt my dimension break down?

There is a way to define a hierarchy as part of the import. I played with it once, but it didn’t work for us, since our field had multiple values allowed, and you can only define one separator (either for multi value or for hierarchy level, but not both). Multi-value was more important for us.

On the Advanced Settings doc page, search for the settings “Levels” and “Split_by”. Those were the two I used to define a multi-level dimension.

If you look in the Jira Misc Custom Fields section, there is an example of building a custom field called “Category and Project” and then importing it with two levels. Here is a link to that page:

I hope this is helpful.


Hi Peter,

One reason the dimension is not expanding could be that there is a dot in the custom field name. This is a reserved MDX symbol and could be creating issues as described. Would it be possible to rename the custom field without the dot and try a full re-import of issues?
If this does not help, could you contact eazyBI support directly with report definition as well as advanced settings that you have defined?

I also noticed syntax problems in the calculated count member. You are using the Descendants(…) function that requires member and level, but you have provided a set as argument for it. Please try to modify the formula as follows (I have removed the dots here already):

  Filter( Descendants ([Gap No].CurrentMember, [Gap No].[Gap No]), 
    [Measures].[Issues created] > 0 AND 
    [Gap No].CurrentMember.Name <> '(none)' 

Lauma /

Hey Lauma,

Sorry for the late answer, but thank you so much! Indeed the dot caused the problem… and the formula you provided is also way better!

Thank you again !

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