Help with hierarchy reporting

I am new to this, but I would like to set up a report that would give me the progress of the work progress/completed for a Progam Epic. I realize Program Epic is a custom issue type. so I provided a screenshot of my project’s configurations.

Below are my Jira issue type hierarchy levels.

I went into the advanced settings and setup the following hierarchy levels:

I updated the additional settings code to this:

hierarchy_levels = [
	{name = "Initiative", issue_type = "Initiative"},
	{name = "Program Epic", issue_type = "Program Epic"},
	{name = "Epic", issue_type = "Epic"},
	{name = "Story", issue_type = ["Story", "Improvement", "Bug", "Task","Spike"]},
	{name = "Sub-task"}

First, are the advanced settings correct? If so, what would be my next step to creating the report.

Thanks in advance.


The settings for the AR data import from Jira Cloud seem fine, assuming the 10113 is the custom field ID of the Parent Link. But, please, check the full details on the documentation page:

Advanced Roadmaps custom fields.

These settings should create a new hierarchy in the Issue dimension. A small test report could look like this:

Janis, eazyBI support.