Help with historical accurate report / measure


i need a report to show the evolution by day of the sum of all time estimates for issues in certain stages.

The problem is issues change stages over time. I need a report to show original estimate for an issues per stages that they were X days ago.

So far, I am able to calculate the sum of time for issues in certain stages as they are today (10 jul 2020). Tomorrow some issues will change stage and the calculation will be different for 10 jul 2020.


Hi @radu,

I believe you have contacted eazyBI Support and found a solution for your specific use case.

The general notion is that the eazyBI supports value changes imported for some fields - numeric fields and single select fields. More details and a list of available metrics for historical data analyses are here: Import issue change history.

When using history measures with Time dimension, history measures show the value at the end of the selected period (day, week, month, etc.).

In case, you would like to represent values by some specific date, like Due date, then you may define a new calculated measure to overwrite the logic of how data are related to the Time dimension. There are some use cases:

Zane /


Yes, i contacted support, and a solution was proposed, but ultimately, it didn’t worked.

It has the same problem i cant solve. Proposed solution used DateBeforePeriodEnd function to calculate the sum of my custom field (necesar saptamanal)

Problem is due date of issue changes over time.

sum of [Measures].[Necesar Saptamanal - Ore change] for issues due 10 september (for example) is different if calculated on 1 september or 5 september. or now for that matter.

What i need is to see a sum of [Measures].[Necesar Saptamanal - Ore change] as it would have been on 1 september -