Help with Original Estimate


I have a report which is supposed to display the plan line based off of the Jira original estimate. To do this, I need the original estimate of the issue (including subtasks). This is the formula I am currently using, but it is the source of a performance bottleneck (I am presuming because I have to go back in history). Is there a better way to accomplish the same thing here? I need the value to be available to my other calculations.

-- The number of original estimated hours accumulated to this point.
-- This is used to support the Work Planned measure.
    [Measures].[Original estimated hours with sub-tasks]
  + [Measures].[Original estimated hours with sub-tasks]

Can any body offer any advice?

Hi @maleport,
From the first look, it doesn’t seem that the formula itself should be a bottleneck. It might be because of the report context - what information is in Rows, Columns, Pages, what other measures you are using in the report context?
For further investigation could you please export and share the definition for your eazyBI report? Please send it to

Gerda //

Thank you for the reply Gerda! This is what I have configured currently.