Hide Information keeping only totals

Is there a way to only show totals and scroll down the rows?

I mean when i have a lot of rows i want to only see the totals instead of all the list.

You can define a calculated member in Sprint dimension to get Sprints with a start date between specified dates:

      NOT IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date')) AND
      DateBetween([Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date'),
        '01 JUL 2019',
        '30 Sep 2019') ),
    [Sprint].CurrentMember.get('Start date'),

You can use this calculated member in your report, instead of using Sprints with a filter.

Most measures will work with this calculated member. However, you would like to use some user-defined calculated measures in Measures if the measures you are using in this report does not give any results for this Sprint calculated member. Here is an example calculation measure summing up Sprint Story Points committed for any sprint selection:

  -- get all sprints in any selection
    { [Sprint].CurrentMember,
    ChildrenSet([Sprint].CurrentMember) },
-- use sprint level measure for a numeric expression
  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]

You can check out our demo account with some examples of calculated members in the Sprint dimension. You can check out this report example for Active (multiple) sprints.

Daina / support@eazybi.com