Hierarchical json data import using REST API?

Hi there,

We need a solution to import data from JIRA Insight.
As I know there is no default solution, so I tried REST API import.

But JIRA Insight can export (using REST API) all objects with relations only in hierarchical json format.
Problem is that seems that eazyBI import mechanism cannot import from hierarchical json?

I see there is some Custom JavaScript code solution, which I believe could help me to transform json, but I didn’t found any suitable samples to solve this issue.

Any suggestions?


As I see in 4.3.1. as new feature there is:

getDocument function in REST API import custom JavaScript code for requesting additional data from another REST API end-point.

Maybe it could help me to import hierarchical data in two steps:

  1. simply import plain list of data without hierarchy (relations);
  2. using getDocument we could request additional relations for every row in list?
    If that is works, could you provide any sample of this solution?

Thank you


Hi Edvinas,

The good news is that we at eazyBI are working to implement Insight as separate import source, but I cannot yet tell you when this feature will be released, should not be far away.

Until that you could try the getDocument() feature, but it could be very hard to get any useful data and slow down the import, I suggest you to wait until the integration is done.

Example wuld be something like this:

getDocument(URL, function(result){
doc.additionalKey = result.key;

You can use existing document properties to generate URL. For example, ‘REST_URL?id’+doc.id

About custom javascript - https://docs.eazybi.com/display/EAZYBIJIRA/Custom+JavaScript+code

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Hi Edvinas,

In the latest eazyBI release 4.4.0, “Insight asset management” data import was added. More info you can find here.

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