Hierarchy based on Child Issues


In our Project we are facing a challenge with hierarchies.

We have a custom hierarchy: Initiative > Epic > Story

Epics appear as “Child Issues” of Initiatives, so they are linked using Parent Link.

Our goal is to create a metric, where by each Initiative we can display the number of Epics on each status.

The next stage would then be to drilldown into the Epics children filtered by issue type.

We’ve tried adding hierarchies using several different methods, but nothing seems to work and even though Initiatives appear as Issue Links, they are “empty”. We had done the same with Bugs and it was working.

Any idea what might be missing?

Thank you!

Hi @pedrommbarata

From the use-case described it is likely that you use Advanced Roadmaps.
Here his more details on how to create a custom hierarchy with Parent Links:

If you use Jira cloud, perhaps this community post can also be helpful:

If that is not the case and you don’t use Advanced Roadmaps (previously Portfolio) and you have manually built the relationship between initiatives then their children, please reach out to eazyBI support with more details on your use-case (how exactly do you link issues in Jira - which link type, which directions and what have you tried so far to build the custom hierarchy).

Martins / eazyBI support