Hierarchy based on labels, Parent Link and Epic Link


I have a question related to replicating hierarchies and looking for guidance.

  • Advanced Roadmaps is being used to create the following hierarchy.
    Capability > Initiative > Epic > Story > Sub Task

  • Using the “Advanced Roadmaps” hierarchy in eazyBI the issues can be displayed nicely replicating the hierarchy, so this is fine.

  • Problem is that some of the Initiatives are not linked to the Capability but instead a label is used to identify the capability. So instead of Capability a label is used something like capability-1, cabability-2 and so on at Initiative level.

What I am trying to create is a report that will list all the issues based on the initiatives with a specific label. So the JQL equivalent would be something like.

All Initiatives in scope:
labels in (capability-1) and issuetype= Initiative

The report should display all the child issues using parent link, epic link and sub task of the above returned initiatives.


Hi @ravisagar ,
As it won’t be possible to create a hierarchy based on different approaches the best solution would be to link those Initiatives also with the Capability issue type, instead of using labels for some hierarchies.

But if you don’t need to create a new hierarchy and you want to use the “Initiative label” only as filtering, then you can try creating an issue link field dimension.
See an example for configuration here: