Hierarchy based on Worklogs and Portfolio Teams

is there a way to build a hiearchy based on worklogs or Portfolio Teams and logged time?

We are working with multiple teams and some issues may be implemented by multiple teams. What I want to see is how many hours and how many billed hours were spent by each team, or user from a team. Furthermore It is possible to assign teams to issues directly (to switch jira boards)

In theory this setup shows what I want.

However the report is based on the team assigned to issues instead of the team assigned to a user.

What I need is a hiearchy like:

Logged by:
– Team
---- User

Sadly I couldn’t find any information within the documentation on how to do this. I know how to build hierarchies, but not how to adapt this to logged by dimension, or if this is even possible.

I really appreciate your feedback.

Best Daniel

Hi @dmorber!

I see what you mean, but there are some technical limitations for implementing the Portfolio Logged by team - while logging hours in Jira, the system does not indicate as to from which team this user is. For example, if the user is part of team A and team B when logging hours to ISSUE-123, Jira does not save, and eazyBI has no way of knowing if the user is doing this as team A or team B member.

For now, custom hierarchies can be created only in the Issue and Time dimensions, but we are working on allowing custom hierarchies also in other dimensions. If there is a way you could assign a user to only one team (import this as additional Logged by dimension property), then this new feature would allow creating hierarchy in Logged by dimension.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

Hello @lauma.cirule.

thank you very much for your reply. You are right with multiple teams, I did not think about that. I created custom members in Logged by dimension for the user to team assignments I really need. When I use Logged by in rows together with Issues I get the right data. Furthermore It is possible to select dedicated teams!

I will give your approach a try as well, next time I am on it.


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