Hierarchy custom field grouping

I have an Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy setup in EazyBI. In my hierarchy, there are 2 levels above Epics (initiatives and themes). The two higher levels have custom fields:
value category, and business type. What I am trying to do is be able to aggregate all of the children of those higher levels by those custom fields.

For example, when I add the Category as rows, I only see the the few tickets higher than epics with those custom category values. I am expecting to see all of the children of those as well. I have been looking here: Issue link field dimensions if maybe that is the route.

I added

name = “Initiative Value Category”
source_dimension = “Value Category”
issue_key_column = “jpoh_parent_3”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

into advanced settings but I am not sure what to do now, or even if that is the right approach.

Any help or advice is greatly welcome! thanks


The issue link field dimensions are allowed only for the limited dimension list mentioned in the documentation page you refer. The workaround with the single-value custom fields is possible using the Javascript calculated custom field:


Janis, eazyBI support