Hierarchy filtering

Hello, Is it possible to have the same gantt but filtering by initiative?

Is it possible something like this?


Hi @Pedriel ,
We had the conversation directly at support@eazybi.com. But I will share the first answer here as well for other users.

You can use issue links to create an additional issue hierarchy in the Issue dimension. Those additional issues hierarchies need to have a strict structure in Jira to be defined in eazyBI:

  1. Each child issue has only one parent issue
  2. Each issue type is used only in one issue hierarchy level.

If each Epic can have only one Parent issue, then you can check this documentation on how to create a hierarchy in eazyBI based on those links: https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybi/data-import/data-from-jira/advanced-data-import-options/additional-issue-hierarchies

Also, here you can see a detailed explanation in eazyBI Community on building hierarchy:

Gerda // support@eazybi.com

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