Hierarchy of issues to show in eazyBI reports


We have JIRA issue hierarchy based on custom field called “EPIC level”. In EPIC issue type, using this custom field will differentiate the issues as “Journeys,Improvement,Features” and use link type as “is epic of” & “is feature of”. It looks like below

    -->Journey  [Issutype=EPIC and epic level = Journey]
(linktype) | has epics
       -->Improvement [Issutype=EPIC and epic level = Improvement

      (linktype)| has features

              -->Feature [Issutype=EPIC and epic level = Feature]

                   --> Stories

Along with this, need to define program increment timelines and display the features in the timeline. Please help.

Hi @Rama,

It seems you have an internal support conversation on the same topic. Therefore, I will post the answer to the original question below:

Unfortunately, eazyBI can’t import additional issue hierarchy when issues from the same issue type must be in different levels. Instead, I recommend importing the “EPIC level” field as a dimension and using it in the report rows.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

Yes, thanks Roberts!