Historical data of a single select list

Hi all,

I received a request from a customer to report on historical data of a select list.

Use case:
There is a single select list field “Team” with two values: KS and SMB. The value of the field is based on which team is currently responsible for the work on the issue.
The customer asks for following statistics:

  1. report on timestamps or duration in the issue, when the value changed (or how long there was the specific value in the issue). This is very similar to the SLA-feature.
    Ticket: ABC-1
    Team=KS: 6h
    Team=SMB: 2h
  2. the list of issues where the original value was KS and has been changed in the process to SMB.

I looked at several topics (e.g. https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Core-questions/Eazybi-custom-field-changing-over-time/qaq-p/456402?tempId=eyJvaWRjX2NvbnNlbnRfbGFuZ3VhZ2VfdmVyc2lvbiI6IjIuMCIsIm9pZGNfY29uc2VudF9ncmFudGVkX2F0IjoxNTk5NTUwNjUyNTI3fQ%3D%3D) but it didn´t work.

Can you help me with this? Is it possible at all to create such reports?

Thank you in advance.

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can someone please help me with this? I need to know whether eazyBI is the tool for retrieving this information.



Hi @radimdrinka,
Sorry for the delayed answer!

You need to import custom field changes and then use issue change history measures. To get the timestamp when the value has been changed first to some particular value, you can use this calculation:

([Transition Field].[Team],
[Measures].[Transition to first timestamp])

To see if the value was changed from KS, you can use this calculation:

[Measures].[Transitions from],
[Transition Field].[Team],

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

Hi Gerda,
thank you for the response. I created the calculations and I undertand it as follows:
the timestamp shows the first change “KS to SMB”. Unfortunately there are ticktes where there are 2 or 3 changes (for whatever reason :frowning: ).
Would it be possible to make these SLA-like meaurements (point 2 in my original question). Alternatively a bar chart which looks like a gantt chart (we use it with start and end date).

Hi @radimdrinka,
the first measure returns you the date when the first transition to KS happened (not particularly from SMB, it could be also from value ‘(none)’). If the change has happened several times, then it will still return the first transition for this field.
There are also other measures you can use, like, transitions from, transitions to issues count, transitions from issues count, and a few more transition timestamp related measures to find the first and last timestamp when your field was changed.

But if you want the transition from one value to another, then you can check the solution my colleague has provided on a similar question here and try that solution, as those changes won’t be easy to calculate:

Hi Gerda,
thanks for your input. I made adaptions as described and now the customer evaluates the report. I will inform you on the status.


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