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I’d like to display a horizontal line into a time line / column diagramm. Does anybody have a suggestion how this would be possible?

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In this case, you could try defining a new user-defined calculated member in “Measures” dimension which would be a fixed line - the same for all periods or members (depending what is on x axis).
Then you could enable this measure in your chart.

Martins / eazyBI support,

Hello Martins,

thank you for your feedback. Can you send me a screenshot of how you defined the measure “fixed value”?

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Mark Bühler


I defined a new user-defined calculated member for “Measures” dimension where I typed manually the value 50

Martins / eazyBI support


will this work if i want the horizontal defined measure a line but everything else is bars? im having a heck of a time with this


Yes, it would be possible to change the data type for just one marker in the chart.
Please see the chart customization page:

Martins / eazyBI support

thanks. this helps. i think my problem is i have the data backwards. Any advice? I have 20 some epics with the same 3 stories each. i am trying to graphically show progress of each epic with the ‘finish line’ 3 issues completed in the epic as the horizontal line. the calculated field is showing as duplicated data?


Perhaps, you could change the layout for a bit in your report.

See one example here:

We usually recommend changing the data type for marker if that is a measure.

Martins / eazyBI support

this worked. thanks so much!

Thank you for everything.
I would like to do the same on a horizontal histogram but in my case I have 3 columns (Measure + 2 other columns) and I want to have 2 vertical lines (the first at 6 and the second at 11).

Can you help me please ?


In this case, move the “secondary” dimension from columns to user-defined measures.
For example, instead of measure “issues created” use a user-defined measure with the following formula:

[Measures].[Issues created],
[Status].[To Do]

That would calculate the result for Issues created in status To do without using the “Status” dimension in columns.
Then you can use the new user-defined measure as a vertical line in your chart.
And turn off the “Vertical” feature in the report toolbar.

Martins / eazyBI

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Thanks a lot. Right answer