Hourly time hierachy

Is there a way to create an hourly time hierachy. I want to create a dashboard for the service department to track performance in real time

Hi @shafiek.bloew,

In eazyBI, “Day” is the lowest level in the Time dimension. Creating a new hierarchy with the “Hour” level is not possible.

As an alternative, you can try to create a new JavaScript calculated custom field interval dimension. Based on the issue creation date, you could see the number of issues created in each hour. See the picture of a sample report below:

To create such a dimension, add the following code to the eazyBI advanced settings:

# Hourly interval dimension
  name = "Hour of Day"
  data_type = "integer"
  dimension = true
  javascript_code = '''
    var hours2 = new Date(Date.parse(issue.fields.created)).getHours();
    issue.fields.customfield_hour_of_day2 = hours2;
  time_unit = "hours"
  time_interval = "interval"
  intervals = "/1"
  interval_unit = "hours"

After updating the advanced settings, you can select the custom field for import in the eazyBI import options “Custom fields” tab as a dimension.

Roberts //support@eazybi.com

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Thanks for the feedback - Ill try it out